All our perfume compositions include a great number of ingredients. During the creation, our perfumers pay special attention to the components, which are strong aphrodisiacs. These components are capable of influencing the mood of people and stimulate the additional production of pheromones by organisms.

Moreover, our factory is proud of our scientific research results in the field of perfumery. Our last revolution developments, which we are especially proud of, include:

• the means PREparfumer® to prepare the skin for the perfume application;

• the technology of personal perfume creation “Compositeur de parfums”.

Now you may choose not only ready perfumes, but create your personal unique perfume. The result is captivating fragrances that not only accentuate your individuality but also ignite your senses and inspire your soul.

*The developments are protected by two international patents.

**The developments will be presented at one of the prestigious International Innovation Salon in Geneva (Switzerland) in the world.

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