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Аmbre Rouge

«He turned around, even though he had never noticed you before. As he turned, your heart fluttered with joy.

Ambre Rouge - you thought to yourself, and with a confident stride, you gracefully glided past.


Volume – 30 ml.
Country of origin: France
Collection: “Sélectif” - Privée Collection PREparfumer®
Category: Extrait de Parfum (concentrated perfume)
Fragrance composition: 25% and above
Perfume group: Floral Oriental
Perfume category: Luxury Perfumery
Longevity: High
Perfumers: Perfumers' Group from «Parfumerie de Château»

PRIX – 47 €


This perfume composition contains 167 ingredients, with the main ones being:

Top notes: saffron, jasmine

Heart notes: ambergris, amber wood, musk

Base notes: agarwood, pine needles, amber, pine resin.

Аmbre Rouge

Ambre Rouge is a standout representative of the floral oriental fragrance group. Floral oriental perfumes have experienced remarkable success among perfume enthusiasts since 2016, and their popularity continues to grow each year.

The fragrance opens with a sensual and captivating saffron note, intertwined with the beauty of jasmine, reminiscent of blooming spring fields. The heart notes reveal a captivating blend of ambergris, amber wood, and musk, adding a unique and enticing allure. Finally, the base notes bring warmth with agarwood, refreshing pine, amber, and pine resin, creating an enchanting composition.

This perfume is truly a masterpiece, meticulously crafted by the team of perfumers at "Parfumerie de Château." It stands as one of the most luxurious and exquisite perfume concentrates in the collection.

For any woman who appreciates refined fragrances and refuses to compromise on her perfume choices, this fragrance is a true gem. It is equally suitable for daily wear and special occasions.

The "Sélectif" - Private Collection by PREparfumer® guarantees a product of authentic French origin, representing a commitment to quality.

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«Sélectif»-Collection Privée PREparfumer®


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